Project Selection

Project selection will be made based on Project Team with clear research objectives for one of the core areas of the CDD. The following criteria will be considered:

  • Funding opportunity, target validation, GUMC objectives theme, and faculty interest.
  • Resources will be allocated on a first come serve basis as approved by the Director of the Center until space and personnel resources are depleted.
  • Faculty within the CDD can select their own research projects of interest but they will not occupy more than 40% of their time, 50% will be dedicated to the CDD, and 10% for teaching.


Submit a Project

Submitting an application for entering a project in the Center for Drug Discovery is simple online process.  Just fill out the application and a representative of the center will contact you to discuss the intake process and opportunities.  Please download and complete the Project Submission form found here.


Educational Program

We are developing a master’s program in Pharmaceutical Technologies.  Interested applicants should contact Rocio Marino-Crumley at (202) 687-8601 .