About Us

The CDD is a strategic and bold move by the Georgetown Medical Center to engage the future of drug discovery.  Historically problematic areas for academia include pace of drug discovery, the funding of this type of endeavor, development of sufficient infrastructure and aligning strategic partnerships.  We anticipate that the CDD and its partners will have a key role in successfully translating our basic science discoveries towards the clinic by providing focused efforts and resources in these key areas. 

The CDD will provide value adding activities by engaging in: discovery of small molecules that modulate proteins and pathways of interest at GUMC.  The CDD will provide synthetic support for protein, and cell assays and preclinical and ADME/tox studies.   Completion of this process will result in better opportunities for strategic partnerships towards commercialization and improving the healthcare of our patients.

Our engagement will enrich existing academic programs at GUMC through education, advancement of cutting edge research, foster interdepartment and intraschool collaborations and facilitate the creation of a global vision in drug discovery.  Ultimately, the CDD will help to develop and propagate intellectual property and scholarship, two of GUMC’s most valuable resources.