The Center for Drug Discovery (CDD) was established in July of 2006 to promote the discovery and development of new therapeutics at the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC). The mission of the Center is to discover new drug treatments and diagnostic tools to improve the health care of our patients. The Center’s focus is on 1) discovery and synthesis of candidate drug compounds for selected molecular targets, 2) validation of targets and compounds in cellular and pre-clinical model studies, and 3) to perform large scale synthesis to enable candidate molecules to advance to the clinic.

The Center for Drug Discovery is “embedded” in the medical center to foster academic research, collaborative science, and the translation of molecular targets into novel therapeutics.  The Center’s focused research expertise includes the discovery and development of anti-cancer agents (prostate, breast, Ewing sarcomas), neuro-therapeutics (epilepsy, pain and traumatic brain injury), and anti-hypertensive agents. The Center provides a resource of expertise in synthetic medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, as well as cellular and preclinical models for drug evaluation.

The Center for Drug Discovery is positioned to develop partnerships with biotechnology companies seeking funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (or SBIR) program. Several multi-investigator collaborations have been developed with biotechnology companies to advance the discovery and development of novel medicines for the next generation.